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Custom Tailored Leveling Guide

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(More a proposition than a suggestion as I'm not sure how difficult this would be to bring to fruition)

I think many players would be interested in a tool that could give instructions, based on their specific account, goals, budget, ect and informed by up to date ge prices.  Leveling guides are good for general understanding and wikis are useful for raw data, but there is currently nothing (as far as I know) that can provide clear and exact instructions for individual players to best achieve their targets.

I think something of this sort could be made that would clearly display the possible xp rate and cost/profit ratios and allow users to choose the balance they think best.  I attached a crude illustration that hopefully makes clear the sort of thing I'm describing.  Obviously something like this this would lend itself to some skills better than others but I think it could be uniquely useful.  xp rates are fixed so the only variable is profit or cost which could be calculated from imported ge values and from this higher cost methods that do not yield higher xp could be screened.  With these values the fastest rates at the selected cost could be displayed and the use of a slider would allow for cost/time relation to be clear and customizable.  Additionally players could be asked if they are an ironman, have a coal bag ect. to show appropriate information.

The programming logic seems like it would be straightforward, but I have only very rudimentary knowledge of C and familiarity with matlab so I have no idea what sort of challenges this would pose with web design.  But I thought it was a neat idea worth a look, hopefully this is coherent despite my sleep deprivation.


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