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  1. Coins (also referred to as gold pieces, gp, gold, or simply money) are the most common form of currency in Gielinor.
  2. Hi I'm iPhone, Most of you will know me from Discord & in the CC under the username 'iPhone Game' and if you don't. I'm 22, 23 in October I work full-time, game full-time and I'm a boyfriend somewhere in the middle of that.. I have two dogs, and a lovely home which I'm extremely proud of. I've been with the CC for quite some time now, around a year and a half. And I've loved every moment that I've spent here. Making new friends, and some good memories. Look forward to seeing what the forums become, and hopefully with a bit of advertisement on YouTube we could see some new faces around here 🙂
  3. But, cut your bet to 5GP and 80% of the time it shall work. The higher success rate will reward you entirely
  4. Meet me in my hometown for a beer
  5. The crystal key is used to open the crystal chest located inside a house in Taverley. It is created by combining a tooth half of key with a loop half of key.
  6. Hey, welcome to the forums first of all! I had a similar issue on my PC a few months ago. All I really remember doing was extensive hardware, malware runs with multiple programs. Disk fragging my PC, and other stuff like this. Not only could it help resolve the issue, but it'll improve your PC's health overall. Sorry I wasn't too much help, but I can't really remember a point where I done something like fixed it.. Like I said it was multiple tests etc and eventually it just resolved.
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