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  1. Hey all, it's my nephew's third birthday next month. We are looking for an event space to arrange the program. Yesterday we had a look at this event space in Toronto and I liked it. It has got some good facilities. Does anyone know this place? How much do they charge per hour? Please share your suggestions.
  2. Hi, I am Bailey. I am writing this for my sister. She has a scar on her face and she is quite disturbed about it. Therefore, she is planning to do plastic surgery for removing it. We came across a plastic surgeon in Mississauga. But before going ahead with it, we would like to know if this helps to get rid of the scars? How much does scar removal cost? Are there any side effects for this treatment? Share your opinions.
  3. Hi, everyone .I am Baileyy
  4. HI Phill. I am Baileyyyy
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